Pnevmon for the needs of its Patients

butterfly.jpgPnevmon taking into consideration the special needs of people with respiratory problems of each age, has also developed and has been in position to offer services that escape from the simple supply of respiratory devices.

For this reason, it has invested considerably in the education of its personnel in order to be in position to correspond in each need that has every patient.

The personnel of Pnevmon is in position to  provide essential education for  patient’s needs, with regard to the equitable use of respiratory appliances, in order that these are exploitable in the 100% of their possibilities and that they provide the biggest of their output. Still, it is in position to provide permitted support and service in all types of appliances that allocates the company in her range.

Moreover, it provides direct 24HRS service and delivery of all types of appliances and spare parts. The devices can be bought or rented from the patient, depending on the case, but also be covered with the proportional medical recipes, from all social security funds. We are always willing to solve any query and we together can find the better solution for your needs.